FINALLY: A Complete Done For You Business With Everything You Need Provided.

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Hey guys Brett here,

As a top internet marketer who generates over $1,000,000 a year online, I can say 100% for sure that there is a lot of money to be made in affiliate marketing.

But lets be honest for a moment...

There is also a lot of hard work required as well

Because I understand that so much work is required that it often becomes impossible for new people to even get their start, I decided to create a complete, done for you, automated system that lets anyone build a list and make money by selling top products as an affiliate with 100% commissions.

Let me show you how it works:

Use the provided, professionally designed squeeze page to give away a high quality WordPress plugin for free. All you need to do is tell people that they can get a free plugin and give them your special link.

When people optin to get the plugin they become your customer for life. They are hard coded to you for life by their IP address.

SuperFunnel will automatically send them a follow up email sequence using proven to convert emails that offer them additional products for sale. These products also have OTO upgrades available.

When any of your hard coded customers make a purchase from this sequence you will get 100% of the sales price!

Its really that easy:

Give away a free WordPress plugin, and SuperFunnel will do the rest for you

This is quite simply the easiest way to make money online, its as close to a 'done for you' system as you can possibly get. You literally need nothing else.

No hosting, no website, no autoresponder, no product, its all done for you!

SuperFunnel is sold on a very limited basis, so if your ready to have a complete system to build your list and make money as a 100% affiliate with a done for you funnel proven used by a top markter..

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You are buying SuperFunnel from a authorized reseller and not directly from Brett Rutecky.
Brett uses this funnel in his 7 figure per year online business to generate income.
However your results may vary as many factors are involved (such as the quality of leads you generate etc.).
Because of this your results are NOT guaranteed.

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